My work is centered around the human experience of constructed space, creating an encounter that is unfiltered, one where the piece speaks directly to our senses without intellectual mediation. The paintings below depict the National Theatre in London, a building much debated as brutalist architecture often is. In an elaborate process of abstraction and use of light, my aim is to enhance the sculptural qualities of the object, making it even bolder and more monumental than it already is. Works from these series have been shown at Liljevalchs Vårsalong and other exhibitions. All my paintings are originals and for sale unless otherwise stated. For more info on sales, go to the about page.

National Theatre Perspective – Purple, Green, Red and Blue (vinyl on canvas, 150×120 cm) – 25.000 SEK

National Theatre Front – Purple, Blue, Red and Green (vinyl on canvas, 100×150 cm) – 23.000

National Theatre Gallery – Blue, Green, Red and Purple (vinyl on canvas, 100×150 cm) – 23.000 SEK

Below: Installation views from Liljevalchs Vårsalong