Furö Studios is an eclectic design studio founded by Frida and Jesper Starvid, passionate architects and yoga nerds. In 2016, Frida was roaming the world, having decided to leave architecture behind and was planning to explore life as a surfer in Mexico. However, coming home briefly to repack her bags, she met Jesper, then partner at a large architecture firm. Within a couple of months, Cancún was replaced with Stockholm.

In spirit, Jesper and I are living in a bungalow on a beach with nothing to worry about apart from where the next wave comes from. Our real life, however, is in central Stockholm; there are kids in the house, full time work to fulfil, dinners to cook, and drinks to be downed. In the mess of daily life, yoga can be somewhat of a lifesaver. However, these two things – normal life and yoga – can feel divided. The vision of Furö Studios is to bridge this gap, delivering top quality gear without sacrificing style and design on the way. With our architectural background, we draw inspiration from art, design and fashion and combine this with our deep knowledge about how the body works and moves during yoga. For us, it is in the mediation between the user and the world that a design acquires meaning.

Furö Studios makes supreme design yoga mats and lifestyle items for the urban, style-savvy, fashion-picky, environmentally conscious men and women (and yogis). With this studio, we get to unleash all our accumulated design cravings and hopefully some talent as well, after 15-odd years in architecture and art.

We have worked really hard to create the best yoga mat in the world, not only design wise and not only functionally, but both. Have a try – for example by coming to my classes, where I will always have a trial mat available – and you will see how well it performs.

Check out Furö Studios yoga mats, now available for shipping worldwide. In the fall of 2020, we will also start selling bags. Find out all about it by visiting www.furostudios.com

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