Yoga is perhaps not for everyone. All types of yoga do not suit all types of people. What suits me is a strong, fun, serious, unpretentious, breath-focused, challenging, arm balance-strewn and inversion-packed Vinyasa.

Because this is what I practice, it is also what I teach. Sometimes in the form of Rocket Yoga (a developed type of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga), other times as dynamic, thematic Vinyasa Flow classes. Whatever the name on the schedule, you will be stuck in the shala with me and some hip hop and deep house in the playlist.

I teach a type of yoga that men seem to like, since muscular strength works in their favour for some advanced yoga postures. That they leave the class with improved flexibility is an added advantage. Don´t get me wrong – strong dudes are not the only ones who can go upside down. Light people have less weight to carry, flexibility in fact makes inversions much easier, and ultimately it´s more about being in balance with gravity. I get many strong women too.

In my teaching, I tend to mostly use physical cues and guide breath in the form of Ujjayi pranayama. I don’t chant mantras and I rarely talk about chakras. This does not mean that I disregard yoga philosophy or yoga as a way of life. Those things are just not part of my asana teaching. Staying with the breath seems to suffice in order to turn a flow into meditation.

I you´re interested in trying one of my classes, it is easily arranged! Have a look at the top of the page for my current schedule. Or make things simple and find a free online yoga class – roll out your mat and try it out immediately in your own living room and do some yoga with me online now!

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