I’m a teacher of Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Rocket and Yin yoga, traveller at heart and based in Stockholm.

Trained as an architect, I used to run my own business in that field. I am currently managing Furö Studios, a top quality design yoga brand I founded with my husband Jesper. Come here to check out our supreme yoga mats and accessories: www.furostudios.com

I’ve taught in a number of studios in Stockholm including Yoga Shakti, Yogansa, Bonobo Flow, Altromondo and Bikramyoga Östermalm. I´ve also taught at several teacher trainings in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Rocket yoga – among others at Sampoorna Yoga Shala in India and Hot Yoga Malmö in Sweden.

I currently teach 3-4 regular classes per week and some additional workshops and masterclasses. Also, I regularly post free online yoga classes and tutorials on YouTube.

For inquires or a chat, send me an email at frida.starvid@furostudios.com

Student testimonials:

Frida teaches the first yoga class I’ve ever enjoyed! She’s a fun teacher who practices her craft beautifully, keeps each class interesting and dynamic for all of the different levels in the room, and makes sure everyone is just a little bit sore the next day!

Nina Oswald, USA/Sweden

Frida is the most supportive, encouraging, wise and gentle teacher I´ve had the pleasure of being guided by. She is a true yogi – her practice is nothing but inspiring and her nature is like a glowing light that fills people and spaces. I´ve had the pleasure of being under her guidance over the last month during my 200 hours Teacher Training in Goa, and she has inspired and nurtured me in equal measure. To be her student – you are one lucky human being!

Daisy Mulligan, U.K.

Fridas klasser är fulla med energi och kraft både för kroppen och sinnet! Hennes tydliga instruktioner och genomtänkta flöden gör att man kan lägga totalt fokus på rörelsen och andningen och glömma världen utanför.

David Fredlund, Sweden

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