Three-dimensional work relates instantly to our senses, in how we see, feel and touch. In my spatial explorations, I am researching the gliding scale between sculpture and architecture, studying light and shadow, materiality, tactility, proportions, dimensions, lightness and heaviness. I look at how we move in and around space and how the work sits in its surroundings. In the end, it is all about what atmosphere these relationships can induce, be it stillness, contemplation, sacredness or simply awareness of the surroundings or yourself.

Towers I – plaster casts (8x8x16 cm)

Towers II – plaster casts (8x8x16 cm)

Towers III – plaster casts (8x8x16 cm)

Towers IV – plaster casts (8x8x16 cm)

Monument in landscape – boulders (foam board, 20×20 cm)

Monument in landscape – walls (foam board, 20×20 cm)

Monument in landscape – solitaire (foam board, 20×20 cm)

Exploration of mass and void (plaster cast, 17x11x5,5 cm)

Exhibition layout – linear (styrofoam model 1:100)

Exhibition layout – squares (styrofoam model 1:100)

Exhibition layout – centered (styrofoam model 1:100)

Exhibition layout – screens (styrofoam model 1:100)